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Rebalance your body and unleash its full potential. Better Balance! More Strength! Faster Flexibility!

Welcome to THE Mind and Flex Academy!

It’s time to change your body! Feeling stiff? Sore? Less than comfortable in your body? Mind and Flex has the answer!

Learn super effective workout programs based on neuromuscular (mind-body) training. You will gain access to a cutting edge movement re-education therapy that goes directly to the root cause of most chronic muscular pain: the brain.

” This powerful Mind-Body approach will help your body to function better, grow stronger and stabilise.  All these will be explained in our online workout programs.”

Reduce Pain

Manage your body aches and pains. Experiencing lower back and neck pain?

 Here you will find simple workout routines — no equipment required. Learn how to alleviate discomfort.

Balance Your Body

Are you feeling down, lacking in energy and motivation? Are you stressed and busy at work?

Yes, The Mind and Flex program will help you to increase your energy and vitality and will change your life.

Improve Flexibility

You will make much faster and more valuable progress than just by following a stretching routine.

Try our program to help improve your posture and remind yourself what it feels like to really stand up straight.

A Powerful Mind-Body System

The human body is just a mere physical unison of the bones, flesh and organs that make us human beings. The mind’s purpose is to help in the coordination of these parts so that the body can function properly.

“What is in your mind is in your body. What is in your body is in your mind.”

You see, when a muscle is too weak to stabilise a joint, the brain tells the other muscles around that joint to tighten up to keep that joint safe. The problem is, not all muscles understand this. When your brain sends signals to a particular set of muscles, some work overtime while others do very little work. The brain is trying to protect the weak muscle, not realising it is causing more damage by overworking the others and thereby causing further weakening. This is really bad for the body.

You may be wondering, is this really for you?

Here's what makes this powerful mind-body approach so beneficial.

Fewer aches and pains

Pain is a result of long-term muscle dysfunction, or bad movement patterns repeated over long periods. This Mind-Body approach will aid proper communication between the muscles and the brain, in order to prevent and eliminate all pain. 

Improved coordination

When your muscles are weak, your brain tries to keep your body safe from injury, but in doing so creates more injury. Your brain tells your body to use the strongest muscles for movement, while forgetting the weak ones. This Mind-Body approach helps to strengthen the muscles, making movement quicker and more coordinated.

Increased strength & lower risk of Injury

You’re not working at your full potential if all of your muscles are failing to communicate effectively with your brain. This Mind-Body approach increases the body’s stability by strengthening its weak muscles, thereby reducing the risk of injury. 

You are responsible for your own health and well being. Rejuvenate and balance your body, thereby unleashing its full potential for improved strength and flexibility!

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