This simple technique reduces lower back pain, pelvic imbalance and can assist with leg length anomalies if there had been the unilateral weakness of the Psoas group.

Sitting can cause the psoas to become round like a banana so that when you stand, it pulls on your back and makes you more prone to pain and injury. Weakness in the psoas can cause a variety of knee issues, because secondary hip flexors will have to compensate, which can cause pain.

Here is how to strengthen your Psoas:

1. Test your Psoas strength on both sides
2. Activate your Psoas, by gently rubbing your belly around belly button for 30 seconds
3. Re-Test on both sides
4. You should see a massive increase in strength. If still weak, repeat the whole sequence

Sebastian Urbanik Bodyworker and Hanna Somatics Coach
Sebastian is a Bodyworker with 15+ year's experience and a Hanna Somatics Coach. He is currently studying with the AMN (Applied Movement Neurology Academy) in London, UK.